Spain has, many large cities that you can visit, Zaragoza is one of these cities. The fourth-largest city in Spain, lying halfway between Madrid and Barcelona.



Zaragoza is the capital of the province of the same name and falls under the autonomous region of Aragon. This city has more than 650,000 inhabitants and is lying 199 meters above sea level. You will find many different landscapes here as the town is in a valley with mountains, forests and deserts. Besides, the city also lies on the river Ebro, which used to be essential for trade.

The temperature in Zaragoza is also typically Spanish: nice and warm. In the summer it is sometimes warmer than 30 degrees for three consecutive months. On the other hand, winters are a lot colder.

Culture in Zaragoza

Spanje is een groot land waarin elk gebied zijn eigen culturele kenmerken en bezienswaardigheden heeft. Ook Zaragoza heeft kenmerken die deze stad uniek maken.



One of the more delightful things to do as a tourist is visiting the local festivals. Think of the annual Fiestas del Pilar, which takes place in October and lasts nine days. There is plenty to do during the festival. Think of parties, markets, parades, funfairs and fireworks shows.

Another famous festival is Semana Santa. A festival celebrated throughout Spain that is dominated by the Christian faith.

Expo 2008

Also nice to know is that Zaragoza was allowed to organise the “World Exhibition” in 2008. These are yearly international exhibitions in different countries since 1851. You probably know the World Exhibition mainly from the Eiffel Tower in Paris or the Atomium in Brussels. During such a presentation, a country can show who they are, which often results in a building or artwork. The exhibition focused on water and sustainable development.



Zaragoza has a rich history that goes back to more than 2000 years ago. On the city walls, churches, palaces, types of houses and squares, you can see which population groups have all lived here.

El Pilar

The most famous monument from Zaragoza is the Pilar Cathedral, aA large and beautiful cathedral that is decorated on the inside with paintings by Francisco Goya, among others. In front of the temple is the Plaza del Pilar, one of the largest squares in Europe with a length of 1500 meters.


Catedral del Salvador

Another cathedral worth visiting is the Catedral del Salvador, also known as La Seo. This cathedral has been through many centuries, and you will come across everything from Baroque to Romanesque styles, but also remains from when this cathedral was still a Roman temple and a Moorish mosque.


Palacio de la Aljafería

In Zaragoza, you will also find the Palace de la Aljafería, built in the 9th century and inhabited by many different kings over the years. Today the parliament of the province of Aragon is located here, but some parts are also open to the public.

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