A city associated with famous deep-rooted traditions, Toledo has its share in international tourist interests, in particular, the procession of the Most Holy Corpus Christi, a festival that is celebrated every year and attracts thousands of tourists to the place


The city has its origin as Toletum. The Romans gave this name in the year 190 BC. It retained its significance for centuries, and with the arrival of Arabs along with the presence of Jews and Christians in the 8th century, Toledo became known as the “city of three cultures”.

For centuries, the way Jews, Christians and Arabs existed reflected a form of great artistic and cultural heritage. Visitors can find mosques, synagogues and churches that approach a mix of creative approach that takes place in the narrow streets.

Remains of the Jewish community are still preserved in Toledo in the synagogues of El Tránsito and Santa Mariá Blanca.

One of the most remarkable buildings of the city and considered one of the highlights of Gothic art is the cathedral. Behind the walls of this remarkable city lies the preservation of creative and edifying legacy that makes Toledo a unique charming and attractive appearance for different visitors.


Alcazar of Toledo


Nevertheless, Toledo is not only rich in historical and religious cultural structures, but it also has excellent cuisine, surroundings and festivals. A variety of specialities from game products such as Toledo-style quails, stewed partridge and game with wild mushrooms form part of the delicious dishes of Toledo

The famous Marzipan and La Mancha cheese, made from ground almonds and sugar, complete excellent dining experience. The accommodation also offers many options, but booking well in advance at any time of the year is advisable to be hassle-free and worry-free.

One of the best choices for accommodation is the Toledo Parador, located on the nearby Emperador Hill, which offers excellent views of the city and great accommodations. Colombia has so much to offer visitors from all over the world, from exciting places like Talavera del la Reina to incredible national parks such as Cabañeros National Park to historic castles and houses such as Parador de Turismo, to picturesque scenery, to gourmet dining, to beautiful accommodations, to more places to see and more things to do.

Toledo Spain embodies a rich collection of extraordinary features that make a pleasant visit and a valuable experience.

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