If you are looking for a holiday in Spain, there are several you can choose from. One region that always does well with holidaymakers is Andalusia. This region is located in the south of Spain, against the sea.

In Andalusia, you will find the province of with the eponymous capital. This city is the most crucial in the whole of southern Spain in terms of culture, art, economy and politics. The city has about 700,000 inhabitants.


A bustling city

Seville is the most important city for a reason. It is bursting with sights. The city has a long history. This history has resulted in many notable historical monuments. Think of the cathedral of Seville with the tower Giralda. But also the royal palace Alcázar and the Torre del Oro (the Tower of Gold) come from this rich history. This beautiful city has the most extensive historical centre in Spain and is one of the largest in Europe.

In Seville, people have formed their dialect over the years, also called sevillanos, which is difficult to understand even for Spaniards. This dialect is therefore very different from the average Spanish.

It is also not entirely inconspicuous that Seville is located on the river Guadalquivir. Small ships can sail right into the middle of the city. The port is the only commercial port located on a river.

Delicious local cuisine

The capital of Andalusia, as well as the entire region of Andalusia, is known for its varied cuisine. In every street, you will find restaurants, bars and bars where they serve a hot meal twice a day. People, therefore, take the time for each meal. Often they also take snacks in advance, such as tapas.

A perfect city for any vacation

Besides the excellent food and the sights, the temperature in Seville is also ideal for anyone who wants to enjoy the Spanish sun. The average temperature is around 18 degrees all year round; in summer, it is even 35 degrees on average. Besides, there is little rain all year round. Due to the warm weather, many activities only take place in the evening. Many people seek refreshment during the day in, for example, a swimming pool or the sea and in the evenings you can visit the many terraces in the beautiful city centre. So no matter what time of year you go to Seville, there is always something going on in this sunny and vibrant city.

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