A holiday to Andalusia

Holiday to Spain

A holiday to Andalusia

A holiday, who does not want that? What about a holiday to Andalusia? Join the +12 million visitors enjoying a holiday to Andalusia each year.

Andalusia is one of the 17 independent regions of Spain. Taking a gander at the populace, Andalusia is the most significant area, with just about 8 million people.

If you have never visited Andalusia before, you will definitely enjoy this Spanish region. It is the perfect destination for those who are planning a trip to the southern part of the country. You can find more information about Andalusia in our travel guide below. You can download it by clicking the button and save it on your computer. Then, you can take it with you on your trip! Then, you can read all about the many things that you must see and do in this region.

In the south of Spain

The south of Spain is a beautiful place to visit any time of year, but there are certain times when the climate is less suitable than others. The temperatures in the south of Spain can reach 45 degrees in Seville during the summer months, but evening sea breezes help keep coastal towns cool. Visit between October and November to avoid the extreme heat and humidity. For a more relaxed pace, visit the south of Spain in the winter months.

For a truly authentic experience, try visiting one of the cities of the southern Spanish region. There is a vast array of cafes and restaurants in this region, and it can be challenging to weed out the tourist traps from the quaint little places. In the south of Spain, there are some cities that are UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including Cordoba and Granada. The former is more tropical, while the latter is distinctly Mediterranean.

Malaga is a coastal paradise in the southern part of Spain, with one of the most spectacular Christmas light displays in all of Southern Spain. The Puente Nuevo bridge connects the old and new towns. Visitors to Malaga can take in the view of the Puente Nuevo bridge from El Tajo Gorge, which offers spectacular views of the city. The city of Malaga is also known as the City in the Sky, so if you’re interested in seeing a unique view of the town, you’ll want to go there.

South of Andalusia is the Mediterranean Sea with the island of Gibraltar underneath. Andalusia itself comprises eight regions, with the capital Seville. We hope this article will entice you to a holiday in Andalusia


A holiday to Andalusia is a holiday with a culture

Andalusia is the place where many cultural traditions of Spain originate. For example, think of flamenco music, a unique theme and dance style with influences from different cultures. Or how about bullfighting. Perhaps not quite popular now, but in Andalusia, you will find beautiful and famous bullfight arenas. Such as in the places of Seville, Ronda, and Córdoba. Don’t forget the tasty food. Andalusia is “the land of the sherry,” an alcoholic wine.

The region has a long history, so many historic buildings and impressive monuments can be visited. Andalusia is also very versatile when it comes to nature. You will find plenty of beaches on the Costa del Sol.

You can also indulge in the olive groves of Jaen or head into the Sierra Nevada (snow-covered mountain range) mountains in eastern Andalusia. This mountain is, apart from the Alps, the highest mountain range in Western Europe.


Traditional food on Andalusia

The traditional cuisine from Andalusia

The cuisine of Andalusia excels in typical Spanish dishes. As mentioned earlier, the sherry can be wonderfully combined with tapas and different kinds of small meals on a plate. Once you’ve been to a real tapas bar in Andalusia, you don’t want anything else. Andalusians know how to work with spices to turn every meal into a party. Other delicacies from the region are gazpacho (a cold tomato soup) and Jamon Iberico (a dish with ham).

Tourism in Andalusia

Andalusia is a vast region, and there are countless places that you can visit. If you love history, you may want to discover the areas declared World Heritage by UNESCO. In Granada, such as the Alhambra, a medieval palace and fortress on a rocky plateau with a beautiful view.

Of course, you can also choose to visit the capital, Seville. In the past, Seville’s port played an important role in trade between Spain and America, and even today, it is one of the busiest river ports in Spain. Seville also has the most important historical centre in Europe, with impressive sights such as Seville Cathedral and the Alcazar Palace.

In short, a holiday to Andalusia is an experience you will never forget.


Cities to visit in Andalusia


Seville is the third-largest city in Spain and the financing city of Andalusia.

It is widely thought about as the home of traditional flamenco dance and has ended up being world-famous for it.

Head to the Triana neighbourhood and appreciate the story unravel if you desire to discover this traditional dancing or see the professionals execute it!

Numerous other essential sights and tourist attractions in Seville consist of the Alcázar Castle centre and Seville’s Gothic basilica.

The Alcázar Castle complicated was created within the Moorish Almohad empire and had an appealing background.

Check out Seville Highlihts.


A holiday to Andalusia
Seville, Spain skyline in the Old Quarter.


If you’re seeking additional tranquillity yet still an incredibly authentic Spanish experience, look no much more than Granada.

This laid back city flaunts remarkable sights of the Alhambra and additionally the Sierra Nevada hills.

Take an outing from the city and rattle on via the Sierra Nevada hills’ foothills and breathe in some fresh, tidy air.

Head back to the city for a late afternoon snooze before going out on the town!

The BoogaClub is a beautiful nighttime destination with wild events and also live songs every evening of the week!

Get your dance footwear on in Granada!


Alhambra Granada


Snuggled away on the Costa del Sol, Malaga is a prominent area for European visitors. Home to big skyscraper getaway hotels and also resorts the city does have some incredible clean beaches.

Numerous site visitors frequently neglect Malaga’s fantastic architecture and rich heritage favouring beaches and water showing off activities.

Whatever your reason for going to Malaga be ensured that you will be welcomed with a smile as well as additionally a great sense of friendliness.

Like Valencia, Malaga has an around the world flight terminal that flies consistently to many European areas with a collection of spending plans from airline companies.


Night aerial panoramic view of Malaga in Andalusia, Spain during golden hour


Outdoors in Andalusia

Sierra Nevada National forest

The National park in the high hills of Andalusia, simply developed in 1999, is the largest national park in Spain( dimension 862 km ²) and also at the very same time among the best understood. The location with hills as much as 3500 meters high is not far from the Spanish south coast and is particularly popular with hikers. Lynxes, wolves, genet felines, as well as various other animal types, live here. This national forest is a paradise for hikers.

Sierra de Hornachuelos Natural Park

In the west of the district of Córdoba lies the Sierra de Hornachuelos Natural Park, among the most crucial environment-friendly areas of Córdoba. It is part of the Sierra Morena Hills, the vast 400,000 ha Unesco Biosphere Reserve and the All-natural Parks of the nearby Parque Natural Sierra Norte de Sevilla (District of Seville) as well as the Sierra de Aracena as well as Natural Park Picos de Aroche (Huelva).

The territory crosses 60,032 ha of which 95% of the area is forested, primarily with cork and holm oak dehesas (locations of mixed woodland and meadow). It is home to one of the best-preserved Mediterranean forests and environmental financial institutions in the Sierra Morena. With a wealth of big animals (deer and deer), the park has a long custom as a video game reserve.


Sierra de Hornachuelos Natural Park


Cycling in Andalucia

Considering that 1000s of people come from all over the globe to take a trip on their bikes, you are not likely to be alone while biking the Andalucía landscapes.

Read more about great bike routes in Andalucia.


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