A holiday to Andalusia

Holiday to Spain

A holiday to Andalusia

A holiday, who does not want that? What about a holiday to Andalusia? It is one of the 17 independent regions of Spain. Taking a gander at the populace, Andalusia is the most significant area, with just about 8 million people.

South of Andalusia is the Mediterranean Sea with the island of Gibraltar underneath. Andalusia itself comprises of eight regions, with the capital Seville. We hope this article will entice you for a holiday to Andalusia.

A holiday to Andalusia is a holiday with culture

Andalusia is the place where many cultural traditions of Spain originate. For example, think of flamenco music, a unique music and dance style with influences from all kinds of cultures. Or how about the bullfighting. Perhaps not quite popular at this time, but in Andalusia, you will find beautiful and famous bullfight arenas. Such as in the places of Seville, Ronda, and Córdoba. Don’t forget the tasty food. Andalusia is “the land of the sherry,” an alcoholic wine.
The region has a long history, so many historic buildings and impressive monuments can be visited. Andalusia is also very versatile when it comes to nature. You will find plenty of beaches on the Costa del Sol.

You can also indulge in the olive groves of Jaen or head into the Sierra Nevada (snow-covered mountain range) mountains in eastern Andalusia. This mountain is, apart from the Alps, the highest mountain range in Western Europe.

The traditional cuisine from Andalusia

The cuisine of Andalusia excels in typical Spanish dishes. The sherry, as m

entioned earlier, can be wonderfully combined with tapas, different kinds of small meals on a plate. Once you’ve been to a real tapas bar in Andalusia, you don’t want anything else. Andalusians know how to work with spices to turn every meal into a party. Other delicacies from the region are gazpacho (a cold tomato soup) and Jamon Iberico (a dish with ham).

Tourism in Andalusia

Andalusia is a vast region, and there are countless places and places that you can visit. If you love history, you may want to discover the areas that have been declared World Heritage by UNESCO. Such as the Alhambra in Granada, a medieval palace and fortress on a rocky plateau with a beautiful view.

Of course, you can also choose to visit the capital, Seville. In the past, the port of Seville played an important role in trade between Spain and America, and even today it is one of the busiest river ports in Spain. Seville also has the most important historical centre in Europe, with impressive sights such as Seville Cathedral and the Alcazar Palace.

In short, a holiday to Andalusia is an experience you will never forget..

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