Festivals in Spain

Spain has a rich history and history. And such a rich culture involves many national and regional holidays and festivals.

On these days the schools are closed, and people are mostly free to participate in the festivities. If you want to experience authentic Spain at its best, make sure to be there during one of the festivals! Many places have their village or city festivals, with partying, dancing and eating all week long. In addition to these small festivals, there are some more famous festivals in Spain.


This article provides an overview of some of the more significant festivals in Spain.


San Fermín Festival

One of the most famous and notorious Spanish festivals in Spain is the San Femín festival from 6 to June 14 in Pamplona (Navarra), in honour of Saint San Fermín. During the week there are food and dance parties, street theatre, concerts and a giant parade. However, the festival is known to the general public for its bull runs. Every morning six fighting bulls are released and chased through the narrow streets while thousands of people try to stay ahead of them. The running ends in the arena, where the bulls are killed after traditional bullfights.


Harvest festivals

Spain is rich in fantastic wine regions. In these areas, you will find many traditional harvest festivals during the harvest time (September / October). It includes folkloric parades, bullfighting, live music and pub crawls. One of the most significant harvest festivals is the grape festival dedicated to San Matteo in Logroño, the capital of the Rioja wine region. In addition to grape festivals (fiestas de la vendimia), there are many other gastronomic parties such as avocado parties, raisin parties, olive parties or orange parties.


Ferio de Cordoba

At the end of May, there is a big festival in southern Cordoba. Thousands of people from the area and further afield head towards Cordoba for the fascinating flamenco shows, fireworks shows, processions, horse shows, traditional dancers, bullfighting and many other attractions. If you want to experience an authentic Andalusian festival, make sure you are here!


Las Fallas Valencia

Every year in March there is a big street festival in Valencia. Think floats, music, fireworks and lots of fire. This fantastic traditional festival has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 2016. It is very popular with tourists, so book your hotel on time!


Midsummer night parties

On the night of June 23 to 24, midsummer night parties, or Hogueras de San Juan, take place in various places in Spain. Since 2014, summer parties have been on the list of Spanish intangible heritage. The Spaniards celebrate the beginning of the summer and honour San Juan, John the Baptist, with fireworks, music and large campfires on the street or the beach. In Andalusia, in addition to old furniture, they also burn dolls (juanillos). In Almería, it is tradition to swim midnight in the sea to start the year fresh. In Granada, the Fiesta del Agua y del Jabón, the festival of soap and water, takes place on this day. On the island of Menorca, they celebrate a midsummer night with large horse shows to music. The festivities in Alicante start on June 20. Here, too, paper-mâché dolls are burned.

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