Spain has many beautiful areas to visit on your holiday. One of these is the autonomous region of Aragon, in the north of Spain, bordering France.


The peaks of the Pyrenees form this border. The rest of Aragon, including the river basin of the Ebro River, which crosses the state from east to west, is a lot flatter, Aragón has around 1.5 million inhabitants, about half of whom live in the capital, Zaragoza.


A region with a lot of cultures

Aragón has a rich history, so it was the core of a medieval kingdom that dominated the whole of eastern Spain in the 15th century. In terms of language, most people in Aragon speak Spanish, it is the primary language of the area, and almost everyone can speak it. There are also areas where Aragonese are still spoken, especially in the Pyrenees. In the east, in addition to Catalonia, Catalan is also spoken.
The rich history as a medieval kingdom has also resulted in many historical monuments. Think of La Seo, a Roman Catholic cathedral in Zaragoza. Or the Aljafería, a palace surrounded by a castle, built in the second half of the eleventh century. Nowadays this building functions as the seat of the Cortes, the regional parliament of Aragón.



Monte Perdido National Park

Aragon also has beautiful nature, such as the Ordesa y Monte Perdido National Park, a national park in the Pyrenees. This park has a size of 156.08 square kilometres and contains more than 1500 flower species and many birds and mammals. The bearded vulture almost only occurs in this Pyrenees region.
For the adventurers, there is the Monte Perdido or Mont Perdu, a mountain of almost 3.5 kilometres high, lying in the Pyrenees. You can only climb this mountain from the Aragonese village of Torla.


Puente de Piedra (Stone bridge) and other bridges in Zaragoza, Spain.


Eating in Aragon

Aragon has a large and versatile kitchen thanks to the many cultures that have lived here in the last centuries. This region knows well how to use local products. Aragonese cuisine is best known for the many stews that they make.
The Aragonese market has a wide variety of fruit, vegetables, and legumes. Ingredients that you should try are Fuentes onions, asparagus from the banks of the Ebro and olive oil from the south of Aragón. The famous Teruel ham is also a classic.


Tourism in Aragon

As a tourist, there is plenty to do in Aragon. Major cities that you can visit are Huesca, Teruel and the capital Zaragoza. There are plenty of skiing and climbing opportunities in the north of Aragón. You will find monasteries, castles and all kinds of beautiful monuments throughout the region, such as the Basilica of Nuestra Señore del Pilar, declared a world heritage site by UNESCO.

Cathedral of Transfiguration of the Lord on a sunny day. Huesca



Mountain biking in the Pyrenees

Regions known as “Espacio BTT” are the absolute best-composed mountain biking trails. “Espacio BTT” can be deciphered as an MTB trail focus and its arrangements of signposted off-road bicycle courses. Admittance to this path is free, and there are generally maps accessible locally, and the trouble of the trails has various evaluations demonstrated with multiple hues. You will regularly likewise discover different administrations in the territory, for example, bike shops, data focus, maps and a site.

Espacio BTT Alto Gallego and Zona Zero are two of the best trailblazing bicycle, focuses and both are situated in the Aragonese Pyrenees. Valle de Tena offers an incredible assortment of cycling courses, and it is essential for “Espacio BTT Alto Gallego”. In the northern lower regions of the valley the ways are steep and specialized, while in the compliment Serrablo valley in the south more open, compliment courses are accessible for the individuals who make their first strides in off-road bicycle sport.

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